To diversity and beyond….

2 min readJul 11, 2022


This is a piece on inclusion, just not perhaps what you may expect.

There is a beauty in making things simple. We live in a world of simplicity. Swipe, click, snooze. That’s it.

If an argument cannot be reduced to 140 letters it is not worth having.

So it goes with investing. As we entered lockdown around the world we came face to face with investing FOMO (fear of missing out) and lured into one-click trades. Initially it was Tesla, then AMC, then we became HODL’rs in cypto and ICO hounds. Swipe. Click. Snooze.

As FOMO gave away to YOLO, gave way to WAGMI — hit and hope was replaced. Not with a Read.Resolve.React, but with the next version of S.C.S — diversify.

As we leapt from Obama to Trump, May to Johnson, up 1000% to down 70%, we constantly overreact and miss the line.

Diversification in investing is no better than buying single names. They are end points on a line of risk. So as we see a surge in the latest version of investing Swipe. Click. Snooze, this time entitled Diversify.


And think.

Diversification is the collective of a single investment. Lots of companies versus one. This means, a lower expected return — and yes, a lower risk of total loss.

But investing is about calibration and personalisation. It is picking the right risk for you. What do you want to achieve, what can you afford to lose, what is your ‘time’.

Before you understand all of these things you should not invest. Once you do, then you can and should start to invest.

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