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How do we solve it?


Education conjures all sorts of images, few exciting, mostly equated with a mental image of time (“I dont have”) and effort (“can I do it tomorrow?”).

Your bespoke Investment Journey. The Upside.

The Professor of Education at King’s College London first explained the concept of journey-based learning to me outside of a non-descript cafe in Tooting, in South London, England.

He said learning should move at the speed of the learner. It shouldn’t be arranged in age cohorts and it should self-select for aptitude

This concept of has formed an essential ingredient in our journey at Upside.

With inflation running at 9% (at the time of writing and in the UK), the prudent hard working among us are putting away their hard earned money in a savings account, with little knowledge that it is falling in value every day. (At the current rate of inflation our savings will HALVE in value in under 10 years).

With that as a backdrop, why are we not all investing?

According to research by BNY Mellon, it comes down to three things, the perception of cost, the risk myth and confidence.

Perception, Myth and Confidence. That is education.

So we are allowing our users to build their own investment journey, be that over 10 minutes a month or 10 hours a week. Using a 3 pillar approach, anchored in safe and boring (low volatility, low correlated portfolios) investments that allow users to take on more risk as they become more confident. Along the way we provide bespoke pieces of advice (guidance) which they can use, or not.

Investing is a journey and it is different for everyone, and our goal at Upside is to open it up to everyone, by building confidence through an investment journey.




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