Goodbye ETF my old friend…and Hello Bundles!

1 min readSep 26, 2022


Bundles are Upside’s newest product, sitting between single stocks and the foundational base layer in their portfolio builder. A unique alternative (replacement) to ETF’s and indices.

Sitting between the expression of single stocks and the safety of a foundational base layer.

Upside have long believed in the power of personalised investments. It is the future. The challenge has been how to harness the power in the data.

Power is, as our friends at Pirelli said so eloquently 25 years ago, nothing — without control.

Investing has slipped towards gambling and it always does in the good times. Professional investing sits behind closed doors — intense young women and men pointing meaningfully at a whiteboard infused with unintelligible (and meaningless) formulae. Flickering screens, screaming, Leonardo Di Caprio refusing to go home— that’s the finance canyon.

Power of Personalised Investments

It took us a long while to realise that simplicity didnt mean simple. Rather it meant transparent. Autopilot but with a brake pedal and gear shift. Abel and Cole not Delia or Deliveroo.

Choice, with information. Investment not gambling. Portfolio’s without owning the index.

And so, Upside came up with Bundles. Thematically orientated groups of 21 companies, actively managed, passively consumed. An integral layer in a portfolio, but personalised, active, interesting and focused. Active management with passive fees. Performance with control.

The Future of Investing. The Science of being Right.




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